New Approach to Vaccine Technology

Affinivax’s proprietary MAPS platform employs a novel technology that dramatically simplifies vaccine design while significantly enhancing the depth and breadth of protection against many challenging infectious diseases. MAPS represents a significant advance in vaccine technologies because of its ability to induce broader protective immune responses than conventional conjugate vaccines.

The unique properties of the MAPS technology allow Affinivax to develop novel vaccines that significantly improve upon today’s most advanced vaccines. Further, MAPS enables the development of vaccines against pathogens for which there are no effective immunization strategies today.

MAPS is a next generation vaccine approach

MAPS streamlines the process of vaccine design and allows for multiple antigens to be effectively incorporated in a single vaccine, achieving unprecedented levels of immune response and disease protection. In contrast with traditional conjugation vaccine strategies, the non-covalent, high affinity binding approach with MAPS enables the generation of a robust immune response to both the polysaccharide and protein antigens in the vaccine. MAPS extends the functionality of the protein, beyond its role as primarily a carrier of the polysaccharide antigen, to also trigger an immune response to itself. Thus, a MAPS vaccine significantly broadens the protective efficacy against multiple pathogens.

Limitations of Conventional Vaccines
Proteins serve primarily as ‘carriers’ for the polysaccharide antigens
Broad immune protection is limited by the number of polysaccharide antigens that can be included
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