MAPS Technology Platform

Affinivax’s proprietary, next-generation vaccine technology, called MAPS for Multiple Antigen Presenting System, is designed to create novel vaccines that provide the broadest protection against challenging infectious diseases.
MAPS Technology Platform
How the MAPS Technology Works
With the MAPS technology, Affinivax has taken a completely novel approach to vaccine development that streamlines the process of vaccine design and allows for both the polysaccharide and protein antigens to induce immune protection in a single vaccine.
Proprietary binding and chemistry
Broad immune protection
Ease of design and manufacturing
Strong Intellectual Property

Affinivax has an exclusive license from Boston Children’s Hospital to intellectual property on the MAPS technology platform, initially developed at Boston Children’s in the laboratories of Richard Malley, M.D., Affinivax’s scientific founder. The licensed intellectual property covers proprietary compositions and methods of use pertaining to the binding proteins, biotin and rhizavidin, as well as several conserved protein antigens. With this strong patent portfolio, Affinivax is advancing plans for a robust program in a number of priority areas for vaccine innovation today.


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